Vision and Mission



The HBRC contributes to the management of the technical system for construction and housing to reach high quality of various Buildings as well as safe and economic construction through researches, technical consultations, codes, legislations and tests in its internationally approved laboratories with the help of a distinguished group of researchers who are trained and qualified globally. The center also contributes to linking the local construction industry with the international through conferences and seminars to exchange experiences.



- Achieving safer and more economical facilities.
- Contribute to solving the housing problem in Egypt.
- Development of construction methods.
- Coordination of research efforts in the construction industry.
- Applying building standards through codes and legislation.
- Dissemination of knowledge and training of engineers and technicians in the fields of housing and building.
- Publishing researches through the Center's international journal, conferences and specialized seminars

Contact Details

87 El Tahrir St. Dokki - Giza
Email: hbrc@hbrc.edu.eg
Phone: 0237617102
Fax: 0233351564

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