Construction & Metallic Structures

The Institute evaluates and analyzes structural systems and conducts structural balance and stability studies for buildings and structures under the influence of static and dynamic loads, as well as, non-linear elastic and plastic analysis. This includes mineral facilities, bridges, archaeological buildings, and facilities of a special nature. And also developing systems and requirements for implementing metal structures and using advanced construction systems of composite sections made of iron and concrete and new materials, as well as, cold-formed light metal sections.
This is in addition to developing digital methods and computer programs for structural analyses, conducting field measurements of vibrations in structures, and preparing studies for dynamic analysis. The institute contains five scientific departments, and a laboratory equipped with the latest equipment to conduct routine and research tests. It also includes the Egyptian Steel Buildings Development Unit (SBEDU), which is a non-profit unit. It includes a number of employees with extensive experience in the fields of research and providing technical consultations in the field of construction and metal facilities.

المنشآت المعدنية

Contact Details

87 El Tahrir St. Dokki - Giza
Email: hbrc@hbrc.edu.eg
Phone: 0237617102
Fax: 0233351564

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