Concrete Construction

The Institute of Concrete Structures Research specializes in conducting research aimed at developing concrete theories and studying construction and building methods. It also works on their improvement and reducing implementation costs. Additionally, the institute conducts studies on the design of concrete structures, including pre-stressed and precast units. It provides technical consultations in the field of repair and reinforcement of structures, as well as the study of load-bearing walls made of bricks and stones. Moreover, it offers design and supervision services for project execution. Furthermore, the institute performs inspections on both pre-stressed concrete structures and concrete structures. The Concrete Structures Testing Laboratory conducts field and laboratory tests on concrete structures to determine their structural condition, load-bearing capacities, and endurance over time.

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Areas of work

Structural Design for Projects

The institute is renowned for its expertise in preparing structural designs for national projects. It specializes in developing efficient and innovative designs for various buildings and structures.

Structural Review and Assessment of Facilities

The institute conducts structural reviews and assesses the safety of facilities for numerous large-scale projects. It examines and evaluates existing structures to ensure compliance with engineering standards and structural safety.

Cracks and Building Rehabilitation

The institute conducts structural studies on structures to rehabilitate them while maintaining structural integrity. It examines cracks and determines the necessary measures to reinforce and renovate buildings.

Heritage and Specialized Buildings

The institute carries out specialized studies on heritage buildings and distinctive palaces. It assesses the structural condition of historical buildings and develops plans for their preservation and restoration.

Concrete Bridges

The institute conducts studies on the structural safety of concrete bridges and performs research to address defects and unforeseen problems.

Development of Modern and Cost-Effective Systems

The institute is responsible for approving modern and cost-effective structural systems introduced to the Egyptian market. It reviews and approves various systems aimed at achieving low-cost construction and high efficiency.
These areas of work highlight the diversity and expertise of the institute in the field of civil engineering and concrete. The institute is committed to advancing the sector and providing high-quality engineering services.


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