The Library

The library

The library was established in 1962, and it is considered one of the largest libraries serving the engineering sector in the Arab Republic of Egypt due to its availability of modern references and a large number of specialized scientific periodicals. The year 2003 witnessed the library’s move from its original location in the main building to a full floor in the new building, where reading and display halls were constructed at the highest international levels to provide distinguished service to library patrons from inside and outside the center. By the end of 2003, the library’s contents amounted to more than 7,000 scientific references, about 23,000 bulletins, and 450 local and international scientific periodicals. More than five thousand researchers visit the library annually. The library's holdings range from books, references, periodicals, maps, scientific theses, engineering specifications, and local and international conferences, in addition to electronic media that can be accessed using computers.
The center's management decided to implement modern information systems in the library in line with the general trend of establishing electronic databases for the center's activities, with the aim of developing

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87 El Tahrir St. Dokki - Giza
Email: hbrc@hbrc.edu.eg
Phone: 0237617102
Fax: 0233351564

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